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We started our Amazon business four years ago and have never looked back.  Since then we've started an e-commerce site and as well as this site. There's just nothing like working for yourself. We both would love you to follow along as we share how to start and run your own online business.


We started this blog about six months ago and are rather happy about how it's shaping up.  We've found the right mindset has everything to do with how you show up for the world and makes a huge impact on your success. Join us as we share information that will help you form the right mindset for your online business.


How you live and what you have become accustom to is an important factor when thinking about retirement. Many facing retirement aren't sure if they will be able to continue the lifestyle they envisioned once leaving their corporate jobs. Follow along and we'll share info about living a lifestyle you'll love.

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Welcome to "Instead Of Retirement"! We are so happy you stopped by! If you're approaching the age where society tells you you're supposed to "retire", you will find our website refreshingly different. While others are worried about their 401k and IRAs, we're working on businesses that will allow us to live the life we choose. If you don't mind a little work and a big challenge, join us as we build multiple streams of income to sustain our chosen lifestyle through our senior years. Here's to a life filled with love and fun!

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