Do you have your retirement all figured out?

Are you at the point in life where you think you should?

Is society’s “time” for you to retire quickly approaching?

Can you believe it?

Yeah, that’s where Brent and I are sitting. We know it’s coming, sooner than later, but it just doesn’t seem like we should be there yet. We’re just chugging along, enjoying our “empty nest” years filled with college graduations, weddings and grandbabies, and all of a sudden we’re approaching sixty. How can that be?

We’re not ready to retire, although it sounds like tons of fun and relaxation, we’re just not ready. Not mentally, not physically, and the big one, not financially. We’re just not ready.

We have friends who have already retired and are living the traditional retirement lifestyle. Traveling, doing what they want, figuring out what hobbies they like, you know, retirement. And yes, all that sounds so good, but I love working and having a mission. What happens to that part of your life?

So we’ve made some decisions, and even though we’re still working to figure it all out, we’ve made a few decisions. We’ve decided that the traditional retirement just won’t be for us. It can’t be if we want to live the same lifestyle we’ve grown accustom to. So, yeah, we’re figuring it out right now with our own Amazon Business.

And we want to bring others who are in our same position along for the journey.

Hi, my name is Reba and my husband is Brent. We live in great city of Houston and I run a small business that sells on Amazon using their FBA program (that stands for Fulfilled By Amazon). My husband still holds down a full-time job as a retail manager but we’re hoping can join me in the business in the next few years.

We have two grown and married girls who we adore right along with their husbands. They have given us two beautiful grand baby girls and hopefully there will be more! We treasure living close to them and seeing them so often.  If you follow along with us, I’m sure you will get to know all of them.

Here we will mostly discuss businesses that you can run from home well into your senior years (that’s how we’re redefining our retirement). You might find a little info about traveling, family, and daily life, but mostly it’ll be about businesses that you can run using the internet and/or Amazon.

Brent and I are still figuring it all out and we invite you to come along for the journey. We love hearing and learning from our readers. If we’re all on the same road, maybe we can help each other out a little bit, right?

Please be sure to sign-up for our mailing list so you know when we post new stuff. You’ll also get a free gift when you sign-up that fills you in on how thousands are growing their small businesses with Amazon.

Also follow us on social media. Being a little older I’m not even sure of all the new social networks, so Facebook is really the only place we post…well, I do have Twitter and Pinterest accounts, so you might want to follow me over there too.

Looking forward to meeting and interacting with everyone!

Reba & Brent

P.S. I’ll post our photos just as soon as I get my hair cut and colored!! LOL! 🙂 Soon…I promise!

Affiliate Disclosure:  If you click on a link on our site, it could possibly be a link to a product where, if you make a purchase, we will receive a commission.  Don’t worry, the practice is totally legitimate and how many businesses are able to grow and spread the word about their products.  I will only recommend products and services that I fully believe in or actually use myself.  I will also tell you about great products even when I don’t get paid.

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