Retire to Your Very Own Business?

When you think about your retirement, you probably think about freedom. Freedom from a boss, freedom from an alarm clock, freedom from a mandated schedule. Suddenly, your future is exciting and filled with new opportunities and experiences. Rather than dreading your daily routine, you’re anticipating it. So, what does getting from where you are today […]

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Monetize…How To Make Money Blogging

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our Disclosure Policy for details.  With as much work that goes into writing a blog, why would you not want to monetize it? First, you have to decide what you want to write about and determine if there’s an audience. Then you have to set-up the blog, […]

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DAY 3 – How to Craft Great Blog Post Titles

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The most important part of your blog post is your title. How well you write, how well-researched your content is, or how pretty your images are means nothing if you can’t get readers to click through and start reading your post. And the single most important thing […]

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DAY 4 – Are You Using Drafts To Get Ahead?

I have a quick tip for you today that will come in handy as you’re working on getting ahead on your blogging. It’s using the draft feature. Yes, it’s handy that WordPress and most other blogging platforms have a way to save your posts as drafts so you can continue to work on it over […]

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