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Does Facebook Messenger Listen To You?

I just read an article about Facebook Messenger at the Core 77 website where they wrote about the subject. They said if your mic is set to on, they listen. At the end of the article, they updated with a statement from Facebook who said they do not listen. But in the statement, it seemed […]

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Baby Boomers Want More Than Irrelevance In Retirement

Retirement. What does that word do for you? Does it conjure up visions of fun, travel and joyfully spending time with your grandkids? Do you get excited that you will finally have time to start meaningful projects, create new experiences or embark on a new career? Or does it generate anxiety and worry about where […]

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Love Will Be Our Guide

We’re in the midst of traveling 900 miles to Brent’s hometown to be with his mother. He’s one of six children who live all over the country, three are there already, the others, along with us, are in route. His mother, Pat, is 83 and the last couple of years have been a series of […]

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Working For Yourself Gives You Freedom To Babysit

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our Disclosure Policy for details. Recently my daughter was asked to take on a small coaching job for one hour a week. She runs a volleyball club here in town and also played in college, so when a private school wanted to offer a one-hour class, she […]

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Freedom To Have Fun

Lunch with your grandbaby at her school is always a special day. Having lunch with our kids at school when they were in elementary was always a fun thing. I never went much because I was a working mom, but the times I did go was always a delight for our daughters. When they got […]

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