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DAY 3 – How to Craft Great Blog Post Titles

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The most important part of your blog post is your title. How well you write, how well-researched your content is, or how pretty your images are means nothing if you can’t get readers to click through and start reading your post. And the single most important thing […]

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DAY 4 – Are You Using Drafts To Get Ahead?

I have a quick tip for you today that will come in handy as you’re working on getting ahead on your blogging. It’s using the draft feature. Yes, it’s handy that WordPress and most other blogging platforms have a way to save your posts as drafts so you can continue to work on it over […]

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DAY 9 – Yes, Your Posts Need Images

Your blog is often the first place new readers, new prospects, and new clients see you and your online business and first impressions count. That means you need a well-designed and layout blog, great content, and pictures that draw you in and enhance your content. In other words, yes, your posts need images. It doesn’t […]

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DAY 10 – Cross Link Posts for More Interaction

As your blog starts to grow and you’re adding more and more posts, chances are readers won’t see every single post you write. Why not make it easy for them to find related content by cross-linking it where appropriate. Here’s what I mean. Let’s say you blog about social media marketing and this particular post […]

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