Retire To Your Very Own Business

Retire to Your Very Own Business?

When you think about your retirement, you probably think about freedom. Freedom from a boss, freedom from an alarm clock, freedom from a mandated schedule. Suddenly, your future is exciting and filled with new opportunities and experiences. Rather than dreading your daily routine, you’re anticipating it. So, what does getting from where you are today to a future filled with freedom look like?


Dreaming is where you must start. What do you really want to do with the rest of your life? What would your life look like if money and time didn’t play into things? Would you sleep late? Start a business? Become an artist?  Buy an RV and travel around the country?

Before you can work toward your dreams you have to identify them. No need to narrow them down to just one, it’s okay to have multiple dreams. Being multi-passionate is when you have a passion for more than one thing. You don’t have to pick just one thing to do for the rest of your life, you can do whatever you want.

What does your retired future-self want to accomplish?

So, what do you want to accomplish? I’m not talking about titles or being famous. And, it’s not just about how you want to be remembered. It’s all about finding fun and joy in the remainder of your life.

Some of us really love business and maybe that’s why you’re reading my blog. If you’re anything like me, business intrigues you, excites you, gives you a challenge and a reason to wake up each day. Maybe you like helping people in a way that a business can provide and that gives you joy. Or maybe you like how you can help others with the money a business can provide.

Identify and Acknowledge Your Roadblocks.

One thing that’s important when planning to start a business is to identify what roadblocks you may come across. This is an especially helpful exercise if you’ve never started a business before. This will help you be emotionally and mentally prepared and will help relieve some of the stress you may encounter along the way.

Some common roadblocks include time, especially if you’re starting a side business while still employed. Money can be a concern depending on what type of business you want to start, although an online business is a low-cost route to take. One roadblock some don’t think about is a lack of emotional support from a spouse or friends and family.

Don’t worry about having all the answers right now. All you need to do at this point is identify and acknowledge the roadblocks, so you’re prepared for the future. This will help you feel better knowing what you’re up against.

Then Envision Your Life When Your Roadblocks are Behind You.

Everyone who is trying to start a new business encounters roadblocks. To prevail, you need a clear vision of your future. And, your vision must be strong enough to motivate you while you’re still living today’s story.  If your goal is to start a business, imagine making that first sale, or later down the road when you’re able to help someone because your business is profitable enough to do so. Then hold tight to that vision.

Dreaming about your future is so exciting. Planning for it can be just as exhilarating. But, it can also feel a little scary, especially when you’re thinking about what you will do in retirement. But what I always told my kids when they were growing up is to feel the fear and do it anyway! Don’t let it keep you from your dreams. You CAN have your very own business and setting it up online makes it easy, fun and affordable. You deserve a joyful dream-filled future doing exactly what you love. Don’t let those roadblocks stop you.

If you’re thinking about an online business and not sure what kind to start, check out our Free Online Business Guide that outlines the Pros & Cons of the Top 10 Online Business Models. Let us help you choose the right business model before you get started.